Teflon Thy Savior

I have always been cementing my PFM bridges with RMGI and cement clean up was never an issues as RMGI does not bond to neighboring teeth, underneath the pontic or get stuck in the contact areas or embrasures. and if it does it is easy to clean up. However bonding emax bridges with any kind of adhesive cement has always been a struggle. I find it extremely difficult to clean it out  from the contact areas , embrasures , sulcus or from under the pontic.

Let me share with you my technique of using a Teflon tape to avoid that problem.  After Etching the teeth wrap the contact area of the proximal teeth with teflon tape. I apply the bonding agent to the teeth and dry the bond thin. Next I warp a piece of Teflon tape around the pontic and make a knot on the occlusal of the pontic. Care should be taken to make sure that the tape does not cover the margins of the abutment.Then I fill up the abutment teeth with cement and insert the bridge.The knot allows me hold it as a handle when I am placing the bridge on the abutment teeth. All the cement that extrudes settles on the teflon tape either around the pontic area or on the proximal of the adjacent teeth. I quickly floss in the contact area and then cure the cement completely.After complete cure I simply pull out the teflon tape from the contact areas and from underneath the pontic. It slides out easily with most of the cement stuck to the teflon tape making the rest of the clean up a breeze.

I hope this tip helps you with challenge of cement getting stuck during adhesive bonding of your Emax Bridges.

Keep Cerecing.


Underside of CEREC milled emax bridge


Underside of bridge with teflon wrapped in pontic area. Care taken not to cover margins or interfere with seating.


Prepped area with teflon used to cover interproximal contacts


Bridge seated and cemented in mouth


Buccal view of final bridge


About the Author:

Dr. Dhaval Patel has been practicing in Roseville, CA since 2006. He started using CEREC in 2008 and has quickly ascended to one of the top CEREC dentists in the US. His case studies have been published in numerous dental journals. Dhaval brings a real world approach to his training and speaking. As a owner of a private practice that works with HMO, PPO, and FFS patients - he uniquely understands the challenges associated with providing high quality CEREC in an efficient manner.

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