SiCAT Air & OptiSleep.

*Requires Sirona CEREC*

Ready to add digital Sleep Apnea therapy to your practice?

This interactive two day hands-on workshop is specifically geared towards towards the CEREC and Sirona3D CBCT practice wanting to add digital obstructive sleep apnea treatment to their practice.  The goal is simple – efficient, predictable, and profitable results without clinical compromise.




Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Understand the fundamentals and workflow of implementing dental sleep medicine in the digital world – awareness, diagnosis, financials, and treatment.

Appliance Therapy

Dental Sleep Therapy

Understand the OptiSleep appliance –  follow up protocol, when to titrate, and what to watch out for.

Home Screening

Keep Patients In-House

Learn to implement an in-office screening protocol to fast track your patients and learn to decipher sleep test results.

MD Referrals

Develop A Relationship

Learn how to nurture sleep referrals, how to properly communicate treatment through letters, and how to speak sleep medicine.

Medical Insurance

Getting Paid

Learn a proven workflow for sleep medicine benefit checks, pre-authorizations, claim submission, and letters of medical necessity.

3D Integration

Digital Workflow

Learn to use your CBCT and CEREC to digitize oral sleep treatment and measure treatment outcomes.

Self Demonstration

Solidify the lecture concepts by completing a home sleep study and appliance records on yourself.


Dr. Tarun Agarwal
Dr. Tarun AgarwalWorkshop Leader
Mr. Hootan Shahidi
Mr. Hootan ShahidiMedical Billing


Workflow Driven

Tested and proven in private practice to enhance results while reducing time.

Efficient & Profitable

Master efficiency and profitability while maintaining clinical excellence.  This works with the insurance model.

Small Class Size

Our workshops are limited attendance to encourage one on one interaction.

Making You Comfortable

Get the attention you deserve, feel comfortable to ask questions, and work at your own pace.  It’s all about you.

Our Leaders

Our workshops are based on experience of full time practicing dentists.

Real World Experience

The education is built around techniques that can actually be implemented in the busy dental practice.