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Risk-Taking: T-Bone’s Story with the Dental Hacks

T-Bone’s father was a dentist in India, but took the risk and came to America when Tarun was two years old to chase the American Dream. On today’s replay from the Dental Hacks Podcast, T-Bone shares the story of growing up in the hotel his dad owned and being inspired to become a dentist because…

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Embracing Dental Technology, with Dr. Baron Grutter

T-Bone winds up his series on Millennial dentists with today’s interview of Dr. Baron Grutter from Kansas City, Missouri. Dr. Grutter graduated seven years ago. He has fully embraced Continuing Education and dental technology, which has resulted in his practice growing by over 70%. On this episode, Dr. Grutter shares his story, explains the role…

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Successful Implant Dentistry, Dr. Peyman Raissi

Implant dentistry was not Dr. Peyman Raissi’s original plan. He wanted to be a general dentist and assumed he would work in corporate dentistry. On this episode, T-Bone’s series on Millennial dentists continues as Dr. Raissi shares the story of how he ended up doing implants almost exclusively in the practice that he built after just two-and-a-half…

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