The Most Underutilized Feature in CEREC

CEREC can be so many things.  The possibilities and capabilities are endless these days.  But at the end of the day it is important to keep in mind the 90%. […]

CEREC Does It Again – CEREC Guide 2

Just when you thought it wasn’t possible for Sirona to do it again – they did.  Their CEREC software update 4.4 provides what I think is a BIG GAME CHANGER […]

Your Digital Implant Impression Options

A common question I often receive revolves around digital implant impressions.  In this post I want to dissect the digital implant impression process. The Digital Impression This part is pretty […]

Why I Love Digital Implant Restorative Workflow

There are three main reasons why I absolutely love the digital workflow.  First and foremost is the patient experience, secondly is the clinical outcomes, and finally is the economic benefits. […]

Implant Emergence Contours – It Matters

An area often overlooked when it comes to implant restorations is the sub gingival emergence contour.  This case illustrates quite nicely why and how this matters. As you can see […]

Who Says CEREC Doesn’t Fit?

I love my CEREC!  And nothing irritates me more than when a fellow clinician makes the assumption that CEREC is substandard dentistry when it comes to marginal integrity. I actually […]

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