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6-7, 2020

Raleigh, NC

6-7, 2020

Raleigh, NC
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Why This Is Different

Oral Sedation for

Learn a SAFE protocol for oral sedation that will help grow your practice.

It’s estimated that nearly 50% of the population doesn’t visit the dentist due to fear and anxiety.  Believe it or not, FEAR is a common reason your patients aren’t saying yes to more of your treatment plans.  It’s time to do something about this!

Imagine having less stressful days seeing less patients because your patients are CHOOSING to complete all of their dentistry in a single visit.  Well it can be a reality by offering oral conscious sedation.

You and your team will leave confident and ready to implement Monday morning.

*This course meet requirements for minimal conscious sedation for all states with the exception of California.*


What You Will Learn

Medical Emergencies

Learn how to handle various medical emergencies and necessary equipment and drugs.


Learn the science of sedation medications and which protocol to choose for your patient.

Monitoring & Documentation

Learn the requirements for proper monitoring and required documentation.


Team Training

Learn the role of each team member in the sedation visit.

What You Get

Safe & Predictable

This seminar is based on protocols and processes that have worked safely in practice on thousands of cases and by thousands of dentists.

Our seminar is not driven to sell you memberships, equipment, or marketing programs.  Our sole focus is to teach you how to build your practice by adding oral sedation for adults.

We make learning oral sedation informative and fun!


Hear from your colleagues about how our training program has impacted their practice and helped them actually implement change. After all, all this fancy education doesn’t matter if you aren’t able to implement.

Who Are The


Our team of dedicated leaders are known for their expertise, down to earth demeanor, and ability to make learning fun. Our sole focus is to make sure you and your dental team leave with the confidence to implement monday morning.

Dr. Brian McGue

Dr. Brian McGue, a well respected practicing dentist is passionate about safe oral sedation for adults. He has completed thousands of cases in his practice and looks forward to helping you.

Money Back


We know how to make dental education inspiring and informative while being fun.  If you are unhappy with your experience, we will be happy to refund your tuition.


Oral Sedation For Adults

Oral Sedation is a key tenant to increase case acceptance.

The main focus of this seminar is teach you a safe, predictable protocol for adult oral sedation in the general dentist office and meet your state requirements for minimal conscious sedation.

Topic Include:

  • Patient Selection
  • Forms & Documentation
  • Understanding Patient Vitals
  • Available Sedation Drugs
  • Developing Referral Network with Physicians
  • Appointment Worflow
  • Scheduling
  • Medical Emergencies

Course Dates





6-7, 2020

Raleigh, NC

6-7, 2020

Raleigh, NC
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Frequently Asked


We absolutely recommend brining your dental assistants to this course.  As they will be working side by side with you on patient care – it makes sense for them to be trained and familiar with oral sedation protocols.

Not Exactly.  Each state has different rules and regulations.  During the course you will be given exact instructions specific to your state to be ready to start treating patients with minimal oral sedation.

This seminar provides 20 hours of education over two days.  We figure you would rather have two longer days than spend three days away from your practice and family.

To meet state requirements it will be required that you attend the entire seminar from beginning to end.  No leaving early – we don’t skip steps or skirt the rules!

3D Dentists provides an immersive experience.

This seminar is held at 3D Dentists training center – 2nd floor of Dr. Tarun Agarwal’s dental practice.

Our recommended hotel is the Embassy Suites (RDU Airport).

Transportation from airport to hotel is provided by the hotel.  3D Dentists provides a single daily shuttle to and from the Embassy Suites to the training center.

The Embassy Suites provides cooked to order breakfast.  3D Dentists will have all day coffee and snacks, provides lunch daily, and a happy hour at the end of Day 1.  Our fridge is also stocked with sodas, water, and adult beverages – make yourself at home!

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