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$995Team Member


14-15, 2020

Raleigh, NC


Why This Is DifferentSleep Apnea 2.0

Let us help you avoid the hassles and skip straight to smooth sailing!

After taking our S1 course, you know you’ll never fall asleep in one of our courses!  We keep it fun and content-rich.  Our courses are intimate and you can even bring your cases and work them out together with the instructor.  We don’t try and sell you extras, just good in-depth information!  Your patients need help, let us help you be their answer.

We hope that you left our S1 (Sleep Apnea Implementation) class feeling absolutely prepared to implement sleep apnea therapy into your practice.  We know, though, that there will be times when you need more than what we could cram into the S1 class, so we’re excited to offer S2!

S2 (Sleep Apnea Next Level) will cover all the troubleshooting your practice needs to know.

  • What if an appliance doesn’t work for a patient?
  • What if you have trouble with medical billing?
  • What if you have a hard time marketing your newly integrated therapy?
  • What about pediatric cases?
  • What about unforeseen circumstances?

What You Will Learn


Non Responsive Patients

Learn how to troubleshoot cases where your patients aren’t getting optimal results with appliance therapy.


Side Effects

Understand how to deal with and minimize common side effects like joint and muscle issues.


Medical Billing

Dealing with medical billing challenges such as denials, necessary documentation, and other roadblocks.


Advanced Sleep Science

Expand your scientific knowledge base on topics such as weight gain, phenotypes, and low arousal threshold.


Pediatric Airway

Learn a great starting point for pediatric airway development with removable therapy.


Patient Acquisition

Learn how to properly market and set your practice apart to build referrals from medical practices.

This team + course connected all the dots for medical billing… very thorough course!


We were over complicating everything… But now we are fully confident that we have a new vision and clarity of how to properly implement and maintain a successful sleep program.


This course is 5+ stars! Motivating us so that we understand the importance to implement this into our practice so that we help save lives!


I’m always seeking that next level in everything I do. 3D Dentists provides that mark for me to enhance my practice, and thus my patient’s and team’s lives.


This course gave me all the tools I need to implement Sleep Apnea in my practice on Monday!


This course was amazing! So much useful information to make us SLEEP ready on Monday morning!


Best course for implementing CEREC and CBCT. I feel like Neo in the Matrix when he said “I know Kung Fu!


The best course that represents day to day work, with complete open doors for answers!


If you are looking for the most comprehensive digital implant dentistry course there is, you have found it. From implementation of digital techniques to full arch implant dentistry, Dr. A and the 3D Dentists staff provide a top notch facility to not only provide you with the information you need, but to allow hands on experiences to truly understand the material and procedures. Hands down, the best courses I have taken.


This course leaves you feeling secure in your knowledge of guided implants & the ability to implement it in your practice. The hands on training was priceless!


This was a great way to build up my confidence and start doing more guided surgery immediately in my office. Looking forward to Monday at the office!



Course TopicsRelevant & Practical

This seminar is builds on our proven implementation framework that has worked for hundreds of general dental practices.  Here’s some of the ways we’ll be going deeper:

  • AWARENESS – How do you get your message outside your wall & bring in new patients?  Sleep Apnea Treatment in dentistry is still a new ting, let us help you spread the word — your practice is on the cutting edge and everyone should know.
  • DIAGNOSIS – We bring in a sleep physician to help you deep-dive into the science of sleep.  Learn how to better analyze sleep studies and gain more knowledge about sleep apnea in general.
  • FINANCIALS – Bring your own cases & learn how to fight for your patients!  Case acceptance increases when you are confident presenting financials to a patient.  Learn how to get paid, how to fight medical insurance, and ultimately how to provide the best care for your patients.
  • TREATMENT – Don’t get freaked out by the nuances of every appliance!  For each appliance you’ll learn side effects, unforeseen circumstances, what to do when the appliance isn’t effective enough, and you’ll have fun doing it.

Our help doesn’t end at the course!  You’ll have unprecedented access to us even after you leave!  Ask questions in our Facebook group, email us, text us.  We’re here to help you succeed!



Hear from your colleagues about how our training program has impacted their practice and helped them actually implement change. After all, all this fancy education doesn’t matter if you aren’t able to implement treatment.

Who Are TheInstructors

We are patient-focused practicing dentists.  We know what the trenches look like and we’re happy to hop in them with you and guide you through a sometimes difficult process.


Dr. Erin Elliott

Dr. Erin Elliott has dedicated her to life to further study of sleep.  Her mission is to learn all of the different concepts & ideas out there and bring them into practical application for you.

I learn all the complicated stuff and distill it into the very best information and guidance out there!


Dr. Tarun Agarwal

Dr. Tarun Agarwal, a well respected speaker, author, and opinion leader is passionate about changing the way general dentists practice.


Money BackGuaranteed

We know how to make dental education inspiring and informative while being fun.  If you are unhappy with your experience, we will be happy to refund your tuition.


SummarySleep Apnea
Next Level

Continue Your Journey In Building Your Sleep Apnea Therapy Practice.

The main focus of this seminar is to dive deeper into the troubleshooting and unforeseen circumstances of appliance therapy and increasing your scientific knowledge.

Topic Include:

  • Deeper Dive In Our 4 Step Workflow
  • Medical Billing Troubleshooting
  • Patients not responding to appliance therapy
  • Starting on Pediatric Cases
  • Developing Referral Network with Physicians
  • Steps to avoid the hassles and enjoy smooth sailing

Course Dates


$995Team Member


14-15, 2020

Raleigh, NC

Frequently AskedQuestions

  • Who Should I Bring?

    This course is designed for you and your “Sleep Champion”.  The person in your practice who is in charge of sleep treatment should absolutely be at this course.

  • Why Do I Need This Course?

    We want you to feel confident addressing all the scenarios that come up with sleep treatment, not just the ideal cases.  You’ll walk away feeling confident in handling whatever may come your way — side effects, adjunctive therapy, coordinating care, pediatric treatment, etc.  Get energized & invigorated!

  • How Will This Help?

    Being more confident in your ability to deliver treatment will improve case acceptance.  We want to bring more value to the treatment you’re providing.  We’ll also help you solidify and improve your workflow.

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