Implementing 3D Printing Workflows into Everyday Practice – Dr. Sully Sullivan

When integrating any new technology, it can be difficult to know what to expect. In this webinar, Dr. Richard Sullivan will provide an overview of what to expect when integrating 3D printing in your office. He’ll provide an outline of where to start, how to incorporate team members, and then provide insights into what a full 3D printing workflow looks like in everyday practice.

Featuring an appearance by Dr. Sullivan’s assistant, Andrea DeLoach, RDA, this course will provide a detailed view of what it’s like to live with 3D printing from the perspective of the people who actually use it.

Topics covered in this course:

  • Where to start with 3D printing; what to expect and what not to expect
  • How to incorporate team members into the printing workflow
  • How to go from intraoral scan to printable design
  • Printing-post-processing, and finishing printed models
  • How to move beyond the basics and leverage all the benefits of 3D printing for your practice
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