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Adult Oral Sedation

Learn a SAFE protocol for oral sedation that will help grow your practice, and get CERTIFIED today!

About This Workshop

It’s estimated that nearly 50% of the population doesn’t visit the dentist due to fear and anxiety.

Believe it or not, FEAR is a common reason your patients aren’t saying yes to more of your treatment plans.  It’s time to do something about this!

Imagine having less stressful days seeing less patients because your patients are CHOOSING to complete all of their dentistry in a single visit.  Well it can be a reality by offering oral conscious sedation.

You and your team will leave confident and ready to implement Monday morning.

Grow Your Practice in a Safe & Predictable Way

This seminar is based on protocols and processes that have worked safely in practice on thousands of cases and by thousands of dentists.

Our seminar is not driven to sell you memberships, equipment, or marketing programs.  Our sole focus is to teach you how to build your practice by adding oral sedation for adults.

We make learning oral sedation informative and fun!

Increase Case Acceptance

Removing the barrier of fear is a key to increasing case acceptance.

Fewer, Well-Planned Visits

Sedation allows you to complete more dentistry in fewer, well planned visits.

Proven Techniques

Learn multiple, time tested protocols that are safe and predictable.

Reach More Patients

Open your practice to a severely underserved patient population.

Event topics include:

  • How To Use Sedation Medications & Choose Which Protocol To Use For Your Patient
  • How To Handle Various Medical Emergencies
  • How To Properly Monitor Patients & Document Everything
  • Necessary Equipment & Drugs For Emergencies
  • How To Instill Confidence Into Patients
  • How To Train Your Team In Their Roles For Sedation
  • And Much More!

What you will learn


Learn the science of sedation medications and which protocol to choose for your patient.

Medical Emergencies

Learn how to handle various medical emergencies, necessary equipment, and emergency drugs.

Patient Monitoring

Learn the requirements for proper monitoring and required documentation.

State Certification

This program meets (or exceeds) the requirements for minimal oral sedation in all 50 states. *it does not qualify for limited/moderate permits*

Patient Psychology

Confidence when talking with patients is critical. Learn how to have educated, effective conversation to drive case acceptance.

Team Training

Train your team and the vital role they each play in the sedation visit.

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Annual ReCertification


Day 1 In-Person Learning

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Online Support Forum

Team Member – $595

Certification Workshop & ACLS


In-Person Interactive Learning

ACLS Certification

Online Course Not Included

Team Member – $995

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Have a question or want to talk to someone before registering? Call us at (855) 332-2285 or schedule a strategy call when it works for you.

A great experience. Guaranteed.

We know how to make dental education inspiring and informative, while keeping it fun. If you are unhappy with your experience, we will be happy to refund your tuition.

Course FAQ

No! T-Bone (Dr. Tarun Agarwal) is known for his direct, no nonsense approach to dentistry and dental education. You will learn more than enough to make you and your team happy. You will not be disappointed (unless you are looking for magic bullets to fix everything in a single day). We will certainly share what 3D Dentists has to offer for training and coaching to help grow your practice, but by no means will you get a hard pitch for anything.
If you have heard Dr. Tarun Agarwal (T-Bone) speak, listened to his podcast, or seen him on social media – you know what he stands for when it comes to practicing dentistry and how important team members are. More than likely it’s been some time since you ahve closed the office and done an entire team learning event. I promise you won’t regret this!
Let me be clear… You will get out of this program what you implement and hold accountable in your practice. This program is designed to give you a baseline, fundamental overview of the ‘Case Acceptance Made Simple’. If you desire more in depth coaching, we will be happy to talk about what we offer to help your practice.
Please call us at (855) 332-2285 and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have!

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