CEREC Efficiency Tip


One of the greatest advantages of CEREC is the level of efficiency it creates.  This efficiency can be tested in certain clinical situations.  A specific example of this is the adjacent inter proximal resin restoration.

Do you do the crown first and then complete the resins?  Do you do the resins first and then the crown?  For me the answer is something in between.

My main focus is predictability and repeatability.  Some are comfortable to do the resins while the crown is milling – guessing the inter proximal contact.  Even over contouring and then adjusting it to ideal.  My preference is to create ideal and then mill to it.

Pam came to our office for a large MO restoration on #15 and Crown #14.  This presents the challenge of efficiency and predictability of inter proximal contacts.


In cases like this my preference is to go ahead and fully prep the inter proximal resin restoration.  The nice thing here is that since we are doing a crown on #14 we can ‘ding’ the adjacent contact without issue.

Then I go ahead and use my favorite inter proximal banding system.


Instead of doing the entire restoration I simply focus on establishing the contact wall.


Once this contact is established, I now focus on completing my crown preparation.


After my rough crown prep is completed I utilize a disk to idealize the inter proximal contacts.  Please notice how the distal contact of #13 is not ideal form.


Now while the restoration is being milled I finish my resin restorations.  Please note how the disk usage has created a hygienic and cleanable inter proximal contact area.


I have found that doing these cases in this manner is the most efficient use of time.  It also allows me to spend a few extra minutes to create more ideal anatomy on the resins.

Hope you enjoy!

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