Dental Sleep Medicine: Seize The Opportunity!


What’s holding you back? Why are YOU not screening for sleep apnea? Why are YOU not treating it? It’s so much more than taking two alginates and making a “snoreguard.” Your patients need you because the primary care physicians are failing.

Dr. William Dement, the Godfather of sleep apnea, said this, “The great irony of the emergence of dental sleep medicine is that generations of dentists have looked in the mouths of countless individuals with sleep-disordered breathing without knowing of the disorder. Given that the dentist is often the first and only health care practitioner to look in the oral cavity, a good knowledge of sleep apnea should be part of the profession’s knowledge base”.

Raise your hands… how many of you have heard of sleep apnea? We stare at airways all day long!!! It is our privilege and I feel like our responsibility to be talking to patients about this life saving service.

Even if you have gone to a course, I invite you to join us as we actually help you IMPLEMENT this service to your patients and your community. Not only will your patients thank you but you will create ‘raving fans.’

I love dentistry and would never give that up but it is pretty darn exciting that I can do sleep apnea two days a week. Yes… two days a week in a small town because the need is so great. I have created a niche but also a service that has set me apart.

Join T-Bone and I for an exciting weekend of learning the basics but also the workflow to make this work in your general dentistry practice. Most importantly… bring your team as I need to be busy producing while my team can handle the heavy lifting. I look forward to meeting you.

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