Emotional Dentistry, Learning New Skills & Implementing New Services


There’s a big difference between learning new skills and implementing them in your practice. Learning something new can be done in as little as a week but organizing your team and instructing them on how to do that new service you want to offer can take much, much longer. How do you know if your team is ready for the new service? How do you know if your practice has the market?


In today’s episode, I share the services I wanted to offer when I started out. I discuss the best way to learn new skills and the amount of time you should invest in them. I explain how you can prep your team to offer new services without overwhelming them. I also describe the difference an associate can have for your practice and what it means in terms of scalability.


“You’ve got to define who it is you are going to be, what type of dentistry you want to do, and then you’ve got to find who it is you’re going to listen to.”


This week on T-Bone Speaks Dentistry Podcast:

  • How you can have emotional dentistry in your practice.
  • Why I aimed for cosmetic dentistry when I started.
  • The right way to learn new services to implement.
  • How much time to invest in learning new skills.
  • Knowing your low-end and high-end market.
  • How an associate can affect the way you manage your practice.


Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “Get clear about who you are and what you are wanting to do.”
  • “In today’s world, you can learn a little bit more by jumping in a little bit smaller. Maybe a 2-day program, maybe an ‘over the shoulder’ program – where you’re watching somebody do it- and making sure it’s right for you.”
  • “Learn the soft skills of how to communicate with your patients and learn the team leadership skills.”


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