Boldness Is A SuperPower with Fred Joyal


Fred Joyal is a speaker, author, and business coach. He specializes in helping people develop what he calls “the superpower of boldness.” His systematic approach allows anyone to gradually build their “boldness muscle” and be comfortable in uncomfortable situations. Fred’s latest book, Superbold: From Under-Confident to Charismatic in 90 Days, showcases his PRIDE system for building charisma and social skills one awkward encounter at a time.

Fred joins me to describe what Superbold is about and what readers can expect from it. He shares why boldness is more about fulfillment than success. He describes the simple ways anyone can be bold without doing anything out of the ordinary. He offers some easy exercises to boost boldness and a few tips on getting started with building confidence and charisma. Fred also provides the motivation behind Superbold.

“Boldness is confidence in action.” – Fred Joyal

This week on T-Bone Speaks:

  • Fred and his latest book, Superbold
  • Asking the question, “does boldness always result in economic success?”
  • Why a majority of dentists aren't as bold as other successful people
  • How to be bold without being the next Elon Musk
  • Building your boldness "muscle" gradually
  • Exercises that can boost your boldness.
  • The PRIDE method Fred outlines in his book and how it improves boldness
  • Why more dreams decay from lack of action than failure
  • Fred's practical tips in enhancing your social skills right away
  • My regrets with not being bold enough
  • What motivated Fred to write about boldness

Our Favorite Quotes:

  • "The vast majority of dentists aren't bold: aren't risk takers." – Tarun Agarwal
  • "Many dentists lack boldness in dealing with conflict."  – Tarun Agarwal
  • "Nobody trains us to do what we do most and that is to interact with people." – Fred Joyal

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