Bringing Your Practice Out of The Stone Age and Introducing Invisalign with Dr. Suneet Bath


In this week’s podcast episode of T-Bone Speaks, I welcome Dr. Suneet Bath to the show.

Suneet grew up in a small town in Washington State and graduated in 2001. He currently owns his own dental practice, Impressions Dentistry

We discussed:

  • The journey that led Suneet to buy his own dental practice and the challenges he faced as a new practice owner
  • Introducing modern technology to a dated dental practice and updating its procedures
  • Relocating and building a new practice
  • How to incorporate Invisalign to your practice
  • How to cut down Invisalign costs and deciding whether or not a fixed rate is for you
  • The health advantages of Invisalign
  • Importance of happiness if you want to achieve a successful practice

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