Converting Your Dental Practice Into a Dental Business


As The Dental Guys said, “This episode will challenge many of the things you take for granted about your dental practice and it will force you to think differently about what is possible.” The Dental Guys ask direct questions and T-Bone gives candid answers that disrupt their thinking. This high-energy conversation covers a broad range of possibilities that could turn your current dental practice into a thriving dental business.

Figure out what motivates you and let that guide your business decisions

According to T-Bone, most people are motivated by one of three things; money, time, or satisfaction. The decisions you make regarding your dental business can be shaped around your motivation. In this episode, T-Bone challenges The Dental Guys to think about their motivation and make corresponding changes to their dental practices. What motivates you? Think about it and listen to this podcast to discover how to build a dental business that fits your motivation.

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