Delegating, Trusting Your Team, & Pivoting to Digital Dentistry with Kevin Fryer


Dr. Kevin Fryer is a general dentist in Mayfield Heights, Ohio, and has been practicing for over 27 years. He completed his dental training at The Ohio State University in 1989 as well as his residency at St Luke’s Hospital in Cleveland. More than traditional services, Kevin is also an advocate of modernization in practices, and he does this by incorporating digital dentistry into his practice, including 3D imaging, implants, and same-day crowns.

In today’s episode, Kevin shares what his practice’s focus is and the services they offer to patients. He discusses what he realized in 2014 and the impact it made in the way he ran his business. He explains some of the challenges he encountered when it came to delegation and payment plans. Kevin also shares some of his member onboarding strategies, how he cultivated his practice culture, and how he trains new team members.

“Trusting your team and delegating those things that you don’t need to do as a dentist was new to us, at that time, but very freeing.” – Dr. Kevin Fryer

This week on T-Bone Speaks Dentistry Podcast:

?      Kevin’s practice and what his business focuses on.

?      What happened in 2014 and how it changed the way he ran is business.

?      The problems he encountered with delegation.

?      What you can do if a team member prefers another role.

?      The effect of clinical diversity on a practice.

?      Kevin’s dental background and the services he offered early in his career.

?      How to find new patients and convince them to use your services.

?      Working with payment plans for new patients.


Our Favorite Quotes:

?      "The enthusiasm and the ability to take the patient through from beginning to end is something we cultivated." – Dr. Kevin Fryer

?      “In order to delegate the things we’re able to delegate, they have to have some instruction from somewhere. You have to be willing to train them.” – Dr. Kevin Fryer

?      “Confidence shows through.” – Dr. Kevin Fryer


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?      Official website


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