Dental Excellence in Any Practice, Treating Sleep Apnea, and Bold Goals, with Dr. Eric Ballou


Dental excellence is something every dentist will SAY is a goal, but too many have no idea what it really means or what it will take to achieve it. This conversation with Dr. Eric Ballou explores the pursuit of the very best work we can do, as a dentist, as a caring professional in the lives of our patients, and as a great leader to the teams who work alongside us in our offices. You’re going to hear some of the approaches T-Bone has learned in all of those areas – as well as a good deal of conversation about how to improve the “sale” of sleep apnea treatment both with and without the help of a sleep apnea physician. You’re going to get a lot out of this one, so be sure you listen.

The incredible benefits of 3d imaging technology.

T-bone is fond of saying, “X-rays are lying to us.” It’s not because X-rays themselves are inherently flawed, it’s just that with the advent of 3D imaging there is so much more information available to properly and effectively treat all kin— Send in a voice message:

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