Dental Sleep Medicine and Modern Dental Practice, Dr. Dana Blalock


Dr. Dana Blalock has been practicing dentistry for 32 years, first in the Navy, then in a partnership, and finally in private practice on Daniel Island in South Carolina. On this episode, Dana shares the story of her journey and the motivation that she has to continue learning and growing. Dental sleep medicine has captured her interest and is a big part of her practice and a focus for her future goals. Listen to today’s interview to learn from Dana’s years of experience and her commitment to staying current.

Why dental sleep medicine is Dr. Dana Blalock’s favorite part of her practice

Dental sleep medicine captured Dr. Blalock’s interest from the time she first began learning about the importance of the airway. She has invested time in numerous CE courses on sleep apnea treatment, and is working toward making dental sleep medicine her primary focus. Listen to this interview to learn about the courses Dr. Blalock has taken, the impact that sleep treatment has had on — Send in a voice message:

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