Female Dentist Extraordinaire, Dr. Mona Patel


In this episode, T-bone begins a series of interviews with outstanding female dentists. He's doing so because he feels there’s not enough recognition of the fact that more than 50% of dentists graduating today are women. This episode features Dr. Mona Patel, a private practice dentist who has worked in two types of environments – what she calls “corporate dentistry” and private practice. This wide-ranging conversation covers Mona’s path into dentistry, how she got her education and experience, and the move into private practice and the development of a thriving office. You’ll enjoy her inspiring story.

Learning the dental ropes in a corporate environment.

Dr. Mona Patel spent more than a few years working for a company that owned many dental offices – it was an environment she describes as “corporate.” The owner was never in the office, there was little in the way of team identity and company culture, it was a job. She says there were definitely advantages to the pos— Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/tbonespeaks/message

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