Finding Your Dental Philosophy with Jared Ottley


Jared Ottley is one of the dentists at Ottley Smiles Dental Center, a dental practice in Navarre, Florida. Their services include bleaching, cosmetic dentistry, full-mouth restoration, implants, and sleep apnea. Jared comes from a long line of dentists, with his father, uncle, and siblings. He is also a Fellow in the Academy of General Dentistry, and this designation means he is seen as a leader in the dental industry. 


Today, Jared joins us to share why he became a dentist and how his family inspired him to pursue this type of career. He describes how his family ran a dental practice and how he found his practice’s dental philosophy. He discusses the importance of joining programs that can elevate the way you do business. Jared also explains why dentistry is universal regardless of whether you’re practicing in a small town or in the big city.


"You save money with the knowledge that you gain. You avoid the disasters." – Jared Ottley


This week on T-Bone Speaks Dentistry Podcast:

?      Why Jared pursued a career in dentistry.

?      The difference between a fast-paced and slow-paced office.

?      What it was like being part of a family of dentists.

?      How various programs helped Jared change the way he ran his practice.

?      What it means to find the dental philosophy of your practice.

?      How Jared ended up in the army, applying for scholarships, and his experience.

?      Jared's thoughts on moving to an all Invisalign type of practice.


Our Favorite Quotes:

?      "Our practice is still all about presenting the dentistry patients need." – Jared Ottley

?      "You can take all the classes you want, but you're going to come across something where you need to reach out." – Jared Ottley


Resources Mentioned:

?      Kois Center


Connect with Jared Ottley:

?      Ottley Smiles Dental Center


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