Getting Back Into A Winning Mindset for 2021


This week I speak candidly about refocusing and re-energizing ourselves back to the Winning Mindset for 2021. I am afraid that we did such a great job In survival mode In 2020, that we are limiting ourselves from growth and flexibility for the future. .

What are we trying to achieve? What Is you goal?

This week on T-Bone Speaks Dentistry Podcast:
– My Nine Step Process will take you out of survival mode and into the Winning Mindset. I break down how to focus on your mindset, your practice and yourself.
– You need multiple dentists within a single location to drive down costs and Increase profitability.
– Have a business that runs If you are out of town or In the office.
– Pick and chose the procedures you want to do. Your time Is sacred so use It mindfully!
– Encourage and empower your team members to OWN their store front
– Be the champion of the single practice dentist.
– How to deal with corporatization of dentistry, which affects us directly.
– How to be good at what you do. Embrace your role and run with it!
– You don't know where you are going until after you are already there. Set goals, make plans, and achieve them.
– Invest in yourself and your education!
– Here what you can take from 3D Dentists courses to Increase revenue at your practice.
– Survival mode is so 2020. So LEAVE IT THERE.

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