Getting Real About Denture & Implant Services


Dr. Joc Jernigan is part of the team behind Denture Care and Implant Solutions, a practice in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. The practice specializes in dentures and implants, but also offers extractions and jaw bone services. He has over 500 hours of dental implant continuing education and focuses on implant treatment, prosthetics, and surgery. Joc also hosts a YouTube channel called Ask Doc Joc, where he shares patient testimonies as well as other information about their clinic.


Today, Joc joins us to share why having denture services in your practice isn’t as bad as we thought. He explains why most dentists would advise against offering denture services in their practice and some of the reasons why you should consider it. He discusses how their practice has evolved since COVID-19 and how they plan to move forward. Joc also describes why he isn’t a fan of how social media portrays the dentistry industry.


"Patients might have different economic means, but their expectations could be the exact same." – Dr. Joc Jernigan


This week on T-Bone Speaks Dentistry Podcast:

?      The stigma with denture clinics and how Joc wants to change that.

?      Why most dental practices don't do dentures.

?      Comparing how many dentures procedures they did in their practice before COVID-19 and how many they do today.

?      Using 3D printers for dentures and how long they last for a typical patient.

?      Understanding different patients' budget and mindsets toward different dental procedures.

?      Some of the services Joc's practice provides.

?      Joc's thoughts on social media and how it romanticizes some aspects of dentistry.

?      How patient care can be emotionally draining.

?      What a dentist should consider when they want to begin offering denture services.


Our Favorite Quotes:

?      "Clinically, you’ve got to know what to look for and where everything applies." – Dr. Joc Jernigan

?      "Anterior implant patients require more finesse and time, so you should charge more for an anterior implant." – Dr. Joc Jernigan

?      "It's good to support the general dentists around because they refer to you." – Dr. Joc Jernigan


Connect With Dr. Joc Jernigan:

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