How Dental Technology Can Help You Thrive in an Insurance Environment, Flashback Episode – T-Bone on The Thriving Dentist Podcast


In today’s insurance-driven environment, it is easy to start thinking that insurance is the enemy that will keep you from building the dental practice that you really want. In this flashback episode to his interview on The Thriving Dentist podcast, T-Bone shares his strong belief that dentistry can indeed thrive in an insurance environment. He explains how he has changed his mindset about insurance and how he has utilized dental technology to help his own practice thrive. Listen in to find out how dentistry truly can be everything you want it to be!


How to thrive in an insurance environment


According to T-Bone, the first step toward thriving in an insurance environment is acceptance, a mental commitment to working with insurance. In this episode, he talks about how he has committed to insurance while not letting it dictate what he offers to — Send in a voice message:

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