How In-House Payment Plans Can Change your Practice with David Stern


I’m delighted to welcome Dr. David Stern from Jarrettsville Family Dental onto the show to discuss his interest in in-house payment plans and how it has impacted his practice.

Dr. David Stern obtained his DDS degree from the University of Maryland School of Dentistry and is a current member of the American Dental Association. He is a family orientated man and enjoys the “small town lifestyle” of Jarrettsville with his wife and two adorable little daughters. When it comes to his practice, he strives to develop long-term and meaningful relationships with his patients and ensuring that they can afford dental treatment, which is what fuels his interest surrounding in-office payment plans.

David reached out to me after listening to one of my previous podcasts where I talked about in-house payment plans, and I decided to invite him onto the show to hear more about what made him bring payment plans on board, what the outcomes — Send in a voice message:

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