How To Create A Game Plan For Your Goals With Dr. Shaun Mirabal


On this podcast episode, I speak with Dr. Shaun Mirabal about his aspirations to be a practice owner and how he is going to put his plan into action.

Dr. Shaun Mirabal graduated from the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry in 2015 and worked as an associate dentist in DSO for two and a half years. He has since decided to open a dental practice with his wife and is committed to taking continued education courses to keep up with the latest advances in state-of-the-art technology and procedures in dentistry.

On the podcast we discussed:

  • Shaun’s journey from graduation to becoming a practice owner
  • Finding the right practice and what to look out for when you’re looking to buy a practice
  • The importance of finding the right type of dentistry for YOU
  • Why implants and digital dentistry is the future of the industry
  • Understanding the true value of technology is vital before investing
  • How to develop a “game plan” a— Send in a voice message:

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