Implant Weekend Open Mic with Dr. Harjeet Mangat


TBS258 – Implant Weekend Open Mic with Harjeet Mangat


Dr. Harjeet Mangat is one of the dentists at Mangat Family Dentistry, a practice that has offices in Pine Grove and Womelsdorf, Pennsylvania. Their services include oral exams, routine cleaning and gum infection treatments, children’s dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and composite fillings. Harjeet obtained his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Pittsburgh and earned his Doctorate of Dental Medicine from Temple Kornberg School of Dentistry in 2014.


Harjeet joins Sully and me to discuss implants and some of the ways you can elevate your practice without damaging patient retention. He describes his experience with implants and why he chose to do it freehand early in his career. He shares how he heard about 3D Dentists, our courses, and what he learned from our event. We describe the benefits of insurance and hygiene for your practice and our preferred business models. I also explain why DSOs regularly beat private practices when attracting patients and how we can learn from the marketing strategies employed by retail giants.


"You want to learn the way that your colleagues are doing it or as good as a specialist would be doing it." – Harjeet Mangat


This week on T-Bone Speaks Dentistry Podcast:


?     How Harjeet got to the implant program event

?     The amount of implants Harjeet has been doing

?     Freehanded implants and why Harjeet realizes it's not the correct method

?     How Harjeet heard about 3D Dentist and our courses

?     Talking about the event’s main takeaways

?     My preferred business model in dentistry

?     Why insurance and hygiene allow you to recession-proof your practice

?     Why Harjeet has not cut back on their practice schedule

?     Copying the retail model regarding business hours and customer priorities

?     Discussing patient retention strategies and knowing who to prioritize

?     The common rules in dentistry most of us follow today

?     Why DSOs are doing better in the industry than most private practices


Our Favorite Quotes:


?        "Implants have suddenly become the buzzword." – Harjeet Mangat

?        "Within five years of graduation, you should graduate from whatever doesn't make you happy." – Tarun Agarwal

?        "It's hard to switch off the mindset of grinding when grinding's what got you here." – Sully Sullivan


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