Is Medical Billing Right For Your Practice?


Do you have questions about medical billing? Are you unsure whether medical billing is right for your practice? 

I get more questions about medical billing than anything else. It’s an area that is laden with much confusion and overwhelming information. My goal, in this week’s T-Bone speaks podcast, is to help dentists make a decision as to whether or not medical billing is right for their practice.

I invited Hootan Shahidi (President at Cross Over Dental Enterprises) to talk about medical billing, and here's what we discussed:

  • What practices medical billing is good for
  • The 3 most common challenges faced with medical billing
  • Does medical billing really work?
  • A very quick way to work out if medical billing would work in your practice
  • Procedures that can be billed to medical insurance
  • The benefits of medical billing
  • How to get started with medical billing

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