Keeping Score To Grow Your Business with Rohit Garg


Rohit Garg is the President of Practice By Numbers, a company that offers dental management software that can translate metrics and data into digestible, easy-to-understand numbers your team can use to boost business growth. He experienced what it was like starting a new dental practice and realized the need to have a kind of data-tracking software that can help dental businesses start growing and keep growing. Before founding Practice By Numbers, Rohit was a Development Manager at Philips Healthcare. 

Today, Rohit joins us to share how their tool can help business owners determine how fast they’re growing or if they need to address shortcomings in their practice. He explains the types of data you must always keep track of and how they affect growth. He describes what inspired him to make a data management software and customize it for each client. He discusses the common problems he’s seen in many mastermind groups and how their tool can solve them. Rohit also shares why there can be such a thing as too much data.

"In any business if you don't measure what you're doing and know where you're going, you will never know if you're doing well or not." – Rohit Garg

This week on T-Bone Speaks Dentistry Podcast:

  • Rohit's experience in the startup world.
  • Why it's essential to keep track of numbers in your business.
  • How numbers can determine what areas you should improve or change.
  • Why treatment and patient retention are good trackers for growth.
  • How practices can use their software to track metrics.
  • The ease of use their tool offers clients.
  • How much data is too much for the average business owner?

Our Favorite Quotes:

  • "If treatment retention is low, there's nothing you can do to grow your practice." – Rohit Garg
  • "You cannot grow your practice in the direction you want if you're not keeping score." – Tarun Agarwal

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