Keys to Implementing Change in Your Dental Practice – Dr. Matthew Snipes, Laura Kogan, and Cassee Birtcher


How many times have you gone to a great conference and gotten fired up about something new, only to come back and find your staff unmotivated and unwilling to make the changes you are excited about? Implementing change in your dental practice can feel like a big challenge. In today’s episode, T-bone has a conversation with Dr. Matthew Snipes and two members of his team about all the issues involved with implementing change and getting your staff and your patients on board.

How can we find the time to add new technologies and procedures to our already busy dental practice?

Lack of time is often brought up as a barrier to implementing change. In this episode, T-Bone talks with Dr. Snipes and his team about how to work new things into your dental practice without overwhelming your staff. Listen in to this conversation and find out how to motivate your team, get past the time barrier, and move forward with new technologies and procedures!

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