Maintaining Practice Culture To Avoid Drama


I started my dental practice in 2001 and have made many mistakes along the way, but I’ve also learned from every one of them. One of the most critical lessons managing a business has taught me is the importance of maintaining practice culture. You can hire the most decorated team members, but at the end of the day, there is always a chance that drama can happen. You certainly don’t want drama while you’re trying to run a practice in the middle of a pandemic, but is there a way to prevent that?

Today, I describe my journey into dentistry starting from the day I graduated. I discuss why dentistry doesn’t require as much scaling as other businesses to improve profits. I share the struggles we encountered the year before, how we’re getting back on track, and the services and team changes we made. I explain why you should not have the same team forever, the benefits of reshuffling team members, and maintaining practice culture. I also share why priorities scheduling is better than block scheduling.

"The best way to maintain culture is to have sit-downs with your team members." – Tarun Agarwal

This week on T-Bone Speaks Dentistry Podcast:

  • My career journey after graduation and starting my practice in 2001
  • What separates dentistry from other industries
  • What my practice was like when we started, what it is today, and our hiring plans in the future
  • The challenges we faced last year and how we adapted
  • Why team members should be changing a practice
  • The services we've added and the services we're planning to reduce over time
  • The best way to get companies to make the necessary changes 
  • My thoughts on the ideal number of personnel in a practice
  • Practice culture and how to avoid office chaos
  • The four things I've always focused throughout my career
  • Why priorities scheduling is a step above block scheduling

Our Favorite Quotes:

  • "We're far from perfect, but we're less worse than most." – Tarun Agarwal
  • "You got to learn priorities scheduling" – Tarun Agarwal
  • "My belief is that you should not have the same team forever." – Tarun Agarwal

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