Medical Billing and Dentistry with Mr. Hootan Shahidi


There are three ways to grow revenue in a dental practice.  Of the three the best way is to increase reimbursement for procedures you are already doing and/or doing for free.  Medical billing has the potential for just that – it can increase reimbursement for existing procedures (medical often pays better than dental), it can help you get paid for procedures that we typically write off (because dental insurance doesn't cover or 'bundles'), and it can open whole new arenas of procedures because medical insurance will greatly reduce patient out of pocket (sleep apnea therapy, TMJ orthotics, infant lip/tongue tie, etc).

In this episode, I sit down with Mr. Hootan Shahidi of Crossover Dental Enterprises, a medical billing done for your service specifically for dentists, and talk about the whys, whats, and whens of medical billing in the dental practice.

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