Owning Multiple Dental Practices, Dr. John Pasicznyk


After walking away from purchasing a practice that wasn’t a good fit, John Pasicznyk worked as an associate for two and a half years. On this episode, John shares his story, from failures and discouragement to being the owner of multiple thriving dental practices. He details the journey from one practice to four, with all the ups and downs. Listen in to hear John’s story and to learn from his experience in owning multiple dental practices.

Working with associates in multiple dental practices

Dr. John Pasicznyk owns four dental practices. Each one is staffed with an associate and John travels between the clinics as a “traveling specialist.” On this episode, John shares the challenges he has faced in hiring the right people, what he does to help with their development while they are working for him, and the CE that he encourages them to take. He also describes the transition he is working on that will allow associates to become partners in the practice. Listen in for a— Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/tbonespeaks/message

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