Patient Retention, Team Building, and Producing the Same In Less Time, with Dr. Jennifer Matthews


Every medical practice needs to focus on the issue of patient retention. It’s the bread and butter of the entire office team. Retaining patients happens not just because you are good at what you do but because of the personal touch and genuine concern you have for your patients. On this episode of T-Bone Speaks, Tarun speaks with a dentist from his own neighborhood, Dr. Jennifer Matthews. She tells how she got into dentistry, why the personal touch with her patients is so important to her and her office team, and the goals she has for the next year of her practice. It’s a very interesting conversation that turns toward very practical tips you can apply to your practice today. Be sure you take the time to listen.

Patient retention happens because of the EXPERIENCE you give your patients.

Patient care is definitely part of the experience you provide to your patients. Do you do your work with excellence? Are things explained to the patient’s satisfaction? Do you do your— Send in a voice message:

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