Practical Strategies to Grow Your Dental Practice


When you have a dental practice, it can be easy to overlook the fact that you are also a business owner. As a dentist, you have the choice to either stay stagnant or to elevate your practice by viewing your work through a more strategic mindset. By focusing your energy on the right activities, you will find your private practice to be more profitable and more professionally fulfilling.

In today’s episode, I share a replay of my time on the Thriving Dentist Show. I share some practice growth strategies that helped me grow my business, increase my professional satisfaction, empower my team, and renew my love of dentistry. I share insights on aspects of dentistry such as crowns, implants, and orthodontics and my thoughts on the role they should have in your business.  I also highlight how to be more productive with what you take on in your practice and how you can make more money in your practice without seeing new patients.

“Our fundamental philosophy is going beyond the basics.” -T-Bone

This week on T-Bone Speaks Dentistry Podcast:

  • The power of sharing your professional mistakes as well as your victories.
  • The struggles of acquiring patients in a saturated market, insights on medical billing, and why you should consider taking on an associate in your practice.
  • Whether raising fees is an effective growth strategy for dental practices and why.
  • How much production time dentists typically spend on restorative procedures. 
  • The difference between running a business and running a practice in terms of strategic mindset.
  • Four areas of the business I have focused on to grow my dental practice and six personal and professional benefits I've experienced since implementing these strategies.
  • The truth about how productive specific dental procedures such as crowns and implants are. 
  • Determining whether you should incorporate orthodontics into your practice. 
  • The most important thing to add to your practice this year to help your patients' quality of life.
  • Key questions to consider adding to your patient questionnaire. 

Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “People really appreciate hearing how things aren’t always perfect in everybody else’s practice; that it’s not just them that have bad days or not so great days.” -T-Bone
  • “We don’t need change; we need disruption. And I think the first step to disruption is hearing bad news or hearing news we don’t want to hear.” -T-Bone
  • “There are unbelievable potentials if we just focus on our existing patient base, our existing practice…” -T-Bone

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