Refinements with Clear Aligners with Dr. Matt Standridge


Dr. Matthew Standridge is the owner of Yates Center Dental, a practice that delivers personalized cosmetic and general dentistry solutions. His first practice, founded in 2012, was in Eureka, Kansas. He later bought a practice in Yates Center that would become Yates Center Dental. One of Matthew’s notable career milestones is being a Fellow in the Academy of General Dentistry, being the youngest person in the history of Kansas to earn this award.

Matthew joins us today to describe why refinements are inevitable in clear aligners. He outlines his process for preparing his patients for future refinements. He explains some of the key reasons to minimize refinements and tips to accomplish this. He discusses the major difference between braces and aligners. Matthew also shares why, sometimes, patients are the ones responsible for early refinements.

"We want to be efficient, but the idea of zero refinements to me is completely unrealistic." – Matthew Standridge

This week on T-Bone Speaks:

  • Dealing with refinements
  • The realities of refinements with Clear Aligner Therapy
  • How Matthew tells patients that they will need refinements
  • Reasons to minimize refinements
  • Matthew's tips to reduce the number of refinements you do
  • How building overcorrections can minimize refinements
  • Why Matthew initially hated attachments
  • The critical differences between braces and aligners
  • Matthew's stance on two-week wear vs one-week wear
  • When a patient is accountable for their refinements

Our Favorite Quotes:

  • "If the aligner is not fully seated, you're not getting the engagement: you're not getting the force the aligner needs to do." – Matthew Standridge
  • "What we see on the screen isn't necessarily what's going to happen." – Matthew Standridge
  • "The key was to be upfront with every patient. I just tell them 'we're going to have a refinement.' If we don't, we just got lucky." – Tarun Agarwal

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