Reflections On The Sirona World Conference – Dr. Michael DiTolla


Dr. Michael DiTolla is the director of clinical affairs at Dentsply Sirona. In this episode, Dr. DiTolla talks with T-Bone about the Sirona World conference. Listen to find out the benefits of attending the meeting and how you can become a speaker for Sirona World, as well as getting valuable information about products and materials and how they are being used.

Community, training, and connection are the focus of Sirona World conference

The Dentsply Sirona world conference is more about community, training, and connection than it is about product promotion. The connections that dentists make and the interactions they have with one another are one of the most valuable aspects of the meeting, in addition to the excellent training. In this episode, Dr. Michael DiTolla talks about how the community is what makes Dentsply Sirona great.

How does one become a speaker for Sirona World?

Do you have a message to share? Would you like to become a speaker for the— Send in a voice message:

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