Running Your Practice During Difficult Times with Dr. John Pasicznyk, Dr. Jonathan Ford and Dr. Amy Connor


Dr. Jonathan Ford, Dr. Amy Connor, and Dr. John (J.P.) Pasicznyk joined me to discuss how we can prepare our practices amidst the coronavirus outbreak. Dr. Ford is the owner of Ford Dental Group, a practice in Huntington Beach, California. Dr. Connor is the owner of Connor Family Dentistry, a practice in Sumner County, Tennessee.  Dr. Pasicznyk is the owner of Evolution Dental, a dental support organization committed to impacting and improving the dentistry industry. Dr. Ford attended the University of Pennsylvania, School of Dental Medicine while Dr. Connor went to the University of Tennessee Health Science Center for her DDS. Dr. Pasicznyk obtained his degree in dentistry from the Indiana University School of Dentistry and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Butler University. Amazing dentists in their own right, they’re also seasoned veterans when it comes to running a practice smoothly, even with today’s coronavirus problem.

 In today’s episode, Dr. Ford, Dr. Connor, and Dr. Pasicznyk share how the virus has affected the way they work and the difficult decisions they’re considering should business head south. They explain how to give reassurance to patients when it comes to making sure everything is clean and disinfected. They also highlight some of the lessons they’ve learned during one of our implant seminars.

This week on T-Bone Speaks Dentistry Podcast:

?      What their first thoughts were when the coronavirus first came to light.

?      The plans they talked about with their team as they readied for the situation.

?      How the current pandemic has affected their practice.

?      How they let their patients know that they're being safe regarding the outbreak.

?      The necessity of leadership throughout this ordeal.

?      The different worst-case scenarios that could happen.

?      What to tell team members if the business is affected negatively.

?      Their thoughts on the seminar on implant dentistry.

?      What it was like screening patients for implant appointments.

?      What their individual practices are like and how they prepare for things to go back to normal.


Our Favorite Quotes: 

?      "It's okay to be scared, but those are conversations we should have behind closed doors with our patients." – Jonathan Ford

?      "Our biggest challenge right now is finding time to work on the practice." – J.P.

?      "Patients are not the problem for implementation." – T Bone


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