Season 1 Episode 18: How to Charge a Premium Rate Your Patients Won’t Refuse


In today’s episode, I’ve invited Dr. Neal Patel to join me in this wonderful conversation. Dr. Patel is not your ordinary dentist, and his accomplishments are a testament to what this awesome friend and colleague is doing not only for his practice but more importantly, for the patient’s he’s taking care of. He’s built a building for his practice just right out from college. We’ve covered quite a few topics and some of the topics that you’ll find interesting are our discussion on how he charges his clients premium fee that many, including myself, would really love to implement in my own practice.  We’ve also dived into complex care and his recommended resources for those who are just starting out.

Key Takeaways You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • I only surround myself with winners
  • I don’t surround myself with people that have lots of money because I don’t want to become that person that ar— Send in a voice message:

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