Season 1 Episode 25: Going Back to Hygiene


In our previous discussions, we've seen the role of the front desk or customer service and how they impact our overall dental practice. Today, we're going to take the limelight and put our hygiene department into the spotlight. 

Our guest for this episode is Rachel Wahl. Rachel has over 25 years of solid experience as a hygienist and she's with us today to share her secrets and tips on how to get your team back to work with you and your practice's goal. 

What you will learn in this episode:

  • the measure of longevity for any business is profitability
  • strive for at least three times hygiene compensation for net production
  • your hygienist should A) deliver high-level care and B) help promote your dentistry and help the patients want the dentistry that you’re offering
  • Remember Parkinson’s Law

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