Starting out by Buying a Dental Practice, Dr. Max Johnson


When Dr. Max Johnson was ready for his own practice, he decided to buy a dental practice instead of starting a new one. Dr. Johnson is a young dentist and has had his own practice for just over two years. In this episode, Max tells the story of how he got where he is, and he and T-Bone talk about the growth and changes that are happening in his practice and the challenges that go along with them. If your dental career is still fairly new, or if you want to inject new life into your dental practice, you’ll want to listen in and get some great advice and ideas from Dr. Johnson and T-Bone!

The role of continuing education in establishing your dental practice

When you’re starting out in dental practice, should you focus on learning on-the-job, or from books and courses? Is it worth taking classes when you don’t yet have a lot of patients? In this episode, Dr. Max Johnson and T-Bone talk about continuing education and how it benefits your practice from day one. They also — Send in a voice message:

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