Strategic Planning for Your Dental Practice, Dr. Mitesh Dhulab


Do you need to do some strategic planning so that you can move forward with implementing the changes that will benefit your dental practice? Do you have questions about that process and challenges along the way? In this episode, Dr. Mitesh Dhulab shares his story and the questions he has about what is next for his practice. This fast-paced conversation addresses more elements of a dental practice than can be listed here – Listen in to learn from Dr. Dhulab and T-Bone’s experience and decide what changes may help your practice to grow and move forward.

What are your challenges in growing your dental practice?

Every dental practice has its own challenges when it comes to growth and change. In today’s episode, Dr. Mitesh Dhulab talks about the challenges he is facing and the growth he would like to see in his practice and gets some great advice from T-Bone. Do you want to get more patients and be able to do more complete dentistry? Listen to this conversation for practi— Send in a voice message:

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