TBS152 Pivoting Your Dental Practice: Creating Firm Financial Arrangements & Categorizing Patients Part 3 of 8


As a dental practice owner, it’s important to ensure your practice is continually improving, helping patients, and increasing your profit margin year over year. While insurance companies typically control the price for most general dentistry procedures, there are services and practices that you have more control over the price you charge. But how do you increase the price of advanced and emotional dental procedures without receiving a resounding ‘no, thank you’ from your patients?

In this episode, I explain how to create firm financial arrangements in your dental practice and the impact that categorizing your patients into three key components can have on scaling your business. I explain what a firm financial arrangement is, why it’s critical for pivoting your practice into a modern-day dental business, and how developing an internal payment plan can help you increase your prices while making your services affordable for your patients. I also explain the difference between no-treatment patients, minor treatment patients, and major treatment patients and how understanding how to categorize your patients into these three components can help your practice run more efficiently.

 Discover the Keys to Pivot Your Practice

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