TBS157 Pivoting Your Dental Practice_ Changing the Dynamic of Your Practice Through Digital Implantology with Dr. John Pasicznyk Part 8 of 8


Dr. John Pasicznyk is the owner of Evolution Dental. Evolution Dental is an organization that supports dentists all over the country and seeks to improve and impact the dental industry through training and seminars as well as practice support. More than a skilled clinician, John also has an entrepreneur’s blood, owning several dental clinics in the Indiana area dedicated to providing top-notch service to clients.

John joins me today to discuss Digital Implantology and why your practice should offer it as a service. He shares his background story and why he provides implantology services. He compares the prevalence of implantology in the US against the rest of the world. He explains how dentists can overcome obstacles like fear, knowledge, and time in their business. John also shares the common denominator among the associates he’s worked with.

Discover the Keys to Pivot Your Practice

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