TBS161 Doing Right By Your Patients with Dr. Lyndsay McCaslin


Lyndsay McCaslin is the proud owner of Expressions Dentistry, a dental practice in the Palm Harbor, Florida area. Expressions Dentistry offers cosmetic and dental services including cleanings, whitening, crowns, and dentures. She has an illustrious academic background, being active in the National Honors Society, Alpha Epsilon Delta, and the American Student Dental Association, Kappa Delta sorority. She obtained her DMD in General Dentistry from the University of Kentucky.

Lyndsay joins me today to share her passion for dentistry and why she decided to pursue a career in the dental industry. She describes her early career, how the Crash of 2008 affected her, and how she got back up to start a dental practice. We discuss the idea of working extended days and hours and its benefits to your practice. We also discuss procedures and processes and how you can streamline them in your practice.

"If you do right by your patients, they're going to do right by you." – Lyndsay McCaslin

This week on T-Bone Speaks Dentistry Podcast:

  • Why Lyndsay chose to become a dentist.
  • How the Crash of 2008 affected her dental career and what she did to recover.
  • Lyndsay’s thoughts on working beyond office hours.
  • The size of her practice today and how she assembled her team.
  • How she grew her business and how she manages the number of patients.
  • When she realized she needed an associate and the transition period.
  • Why sales funnels are critical for an established dental practice.
  • Creating a culture among your team members.
  • Developing processes to streamline your practice
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