TBS162 – Missed Opportunities in Dental Practices with Sandy Pardue


Sandy Pardue is a lecturer, author, and the Director of Consulting at Classic Practice Resources. She has over 26 years of dental practice management, especially on seminar presentations for dental staff training, and has been named a Leader in Dental CE and Consulting for over 11 years by Dentistry Today Magazine. She specializes in being a hands-on consultant for all areas of dental practice management, which include scheduling, insurance, and office manager training.

Sandy joins me to discuss some of the missed opportunities in practices and how dental practice owners should address them. She describes some of the vital parts of a typical practice, the common mistakes dentists make with their front office and potential solutions that can positively impact your revenue. We discuss lead generation strategies, the dangers of using automation in your practice, and how it can impact your patient retention. Sandy also shares her best advice to practitioners who want to succeed in running a dental practice.

"Missed opportunities are everywhere in practices." – Sandy Pardue

This week on T-Bone Speaks Dentistry Podcast:

  • Why new patients shouldn't be the number one priority of a practice.
  • Neglecting the front office and how it can damage your business.
  • How front office personnel can influence your business income.
  • The biggest problem with recall and how you can find a solution for it.
  • The proper way to wrap up an appointment.
  • Lead generation in the world of dentistry and why phone calls are mandatory.
  • Can seeing fewer patients potentially bring more revenue?
  • The dangers of automation and its effects on patient retention.
  • Helping assistants fulfill their goals and its effect on your practice.
  • The most important thing to focus on to make sure beginners succeed in this profession.
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