Tearing down DSO Stigmas with Dr. Craig Lambourne


On this podcast episode, I welcome Dr. Craig Lambourne from Granbury Dental Center to the show.

Dr. Lambourne graduated from the University of Southern California and obtained his DDS degree in 2015. He currently works as a dentist in Granbury Dental Care in Texas, which is a practice that focuses on a range of services including dental implants. Craig has certification and training in Invisalign and is currently on a mission to learn more about implantology by taking additional CE such as our Implant Pathway Course with Dr. Justin Moody.

On the podcast we discussed:

  • Craig’s passion for dental implants and CE
  • Comprehensive Lifetime Care and why it’s more than just the “fancy procedures”
  • The importance of developing a relationship with your patients
  • Breaking down the negative stigma of DSO’s
  • Advantages of joining a DSO regarding fi— Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/tbonespeaks/message

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