The Empowered Dental Associate, Dr. Abbey Morales


For Dr. Abbey Morales, working as a dental associate has been a wonderful opportunity for mentorship. On today’s episode, Dr. Morales shares her story and how she has benefited from being mentored by an established dentist, and what she does to be sure she learns as much as she can from him. Listen in as Abbey and T-Bone discuss what makes a great mentor, the joys and challenges of working as a dental associate, how to become a leader, and finding your passion.

Continuing Education is crucial for developing your dental career 

Dr. Abbey Morales received an excellent education at Midwestern University. She depends on her education every day and goes back to the basics as the foundation for her practice. But, unlike many other young dentists, Dr. Morales also understands the value of Continuing Education and spends time reading books and attending high-level courses. Listen to today’s podcast to learn why CE is so important and how it can help you develop your dental c— Send in a voice message:

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