Two Hats Every Dentist Must Wear


There are two hats that every dentist has to wear.

Hat number 1 is the dentist as an employee. Hat number 2 is the dentist as a leader.

Many people think that a leader is only the person who owns the practice. I think this is a misconception, and in my opinion whether you are an associate, a hospital dentist…or whatever your role may have, you always wear both hats.

All dentist are leaders, regardless of whether they own the practice. Plus, all dentists who own the practice still have a role as an employee in the practice.

In this podcast Chuck McKee and I explore the role of a dentist an employee – looking at developing your clinical skills, chairside manners and being part of a team.

We then explore the role of a dentist as a leader – looking at communications skills, personal branding, business leadership and working with team mates as a business leader (whether you are an owner or not). 

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