Using Myofunctional Therapy to Treat Underlying Orthodontic Issues with Dr. Holly Baller


Join me in the latest episode of the T-Bone Speaks podcast where I speak with Dr. Holly Baller from Denver, Colorado.

Holly graduated from the University of Colorado in 2016 and is now working as an associate dentist in Denver. She’s a huge advocate for continued education with a strong passion and interest in pursuing implant dentistry and Myofunctional Therapy. Her reasoning for this is because she believes that this is where modern dentistry is heading, and there is massive potential there that she would like to tap into.

We discussed:

  • Holly’s unique situation working as an associate in a general dental practice AND an orthodontist practice
  • Benefits of Myobrace and how it’s used to align crooked teeth without braces
  • The current paradigm shift in modern dentistry towards airway treatments and why this is a good thing
  • The underlying issues that can cause orthodontic problems with your children’s teeth including soft tissue dysfu— Send in a voice message:

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