From Consult to Surgical Guide In A Single Visit – The Best Guided Implant Workflow In The World!


The #1 question I get from fellow dentists who are exploring 3D CBCT for their practices is “Why did you choose the Sirona system?”  My answer is always the same – WORKFLOW.  The workflow simply puts all other systems to shame, in my opinion.  The best way to illustrate this is through case example.

Shirley came to our office for an implant consultation.  About a year ago she lost her lower central incisors and was unhappy with her partial.  She wanted to hear about a solution that didn’t come in and out.



Our final game plan was to replace missing site #19 with an implant (it would actually require pre implant grafting), remove teeth #23 and #26 and replace with a 4 unit fixed implant bridge with implants in site #23 and #26.  This plan would completely eliminate her need for a partial denture.

The patient agreed with the plan.  She was ready to commit and move forward.  We quickly took the necessary records.

So what records are needed with the Sirona workflow.  Simple.  3D CBCT (which was already taken at the beginning of her consult) and an impression of the patients teeth.  This impression could be a traditional impression or a digital impression utilizing CEREC (which is the most efficient and ideal).

With the OptiGuide workflow it is not necessary to perform a second 3D CBCT scan with a radiographic appliance and/or fiduciary markers.

So we quickly took a full lower arch impression with the OmniCam in a matter of a minute.


All the data was saved.  We went ahead and made a virtual waxup to replace the missing incisors.


This virtual CEREC data was then exported from CEREC and merged into the Galaxis software for implant planning and guide ordering.


The virtual implant plan was completed and everything was digitally uploaded to Sirona for the OptiGuide surgical guide.  The guide will be back in our office is approximately 1 week.


There is simply no workflow that competes with this.  I work with many different guide solutions – some more expensive and some less expensive.  Without doubt the easiest and most efficient is the Sirona implant workflow.  I am in complete control.

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