Discover How We Added Over $250k/Year In Annual Revenue To Our Practice In Just 90 Days (and Steal Our Process For Your Own Practice)

Grow Your Dental Practice With 3D Smile Design
100% Guaranteed... Or Your Money Back!

Grow Your Dental Practice 100% Guaranteed Or Your Money Back

The Struggle of Conveying Your Vision

Most dentists know the scene. You’re in a consultation room trying to explain to your patient how a particular treatment will improve their smile… 

You use dental models, before-and-after photos of other patients, and even try to paint a picture with words…

But there’s still a disconnect. 

You can see the doubt in their eyes. They can’t visualize their own transformative journey.

They’re wondering, “Will I really look like that?”

You sense the barriers going up, their enthusiasm waning, and the high possibility of a lost opportunity.

What if you could bridge that gap?

By showing patients exactly what their new smile will look like, you’ll build their trust and get more yeses. This means happier patients and increased revenue for your practice.


The Art of 3D Smile Design

Give Your Patients A Tangible Vision of Their Dream Smile So They Say Yes To Treatment Plans Instantly

In this program, you will learn:

✅ The Business of Smile Design – Understand the economics behind those picture-perfect smiles and how to make them a profitable and rewarding part of your practice

✅ The Art of Dental Photography – Learn how to leverage photography for expert digital simulations

✅ Digital Smile Design Workflow – Streamline your process from patient consultation to the final product, ensuring predictability every step of the way.

✅ Design & Fabrication of:

✅ exocad Mastery – Dive deep into the world of exocad, the power tool of smile design, with hands-on training from experts.

✅ 3D Printing in Action – Watch, learn, and practice as your digital designs come to life. Gain hands-on experience printing and processing restorations utilizing the newest materials.

What's Included

3-Day Kickstart Live Event

You and a team member will attend 3 days of immersive hands-on training and support to give you everything you need to implement 3D Smile Design into your practice the following week.

6-Month Online Course Access

You will be granted user access to the 3D Smile Design online course, including all video lessons and supporting materials, so you can reference the training at all times, and share access with your team.

⁠6 Months of Office Hours

Each month, you’re invited to join a live virtual group call with Dr. Tim, your course instructor, where you can ask questions and make sure you’re on the right track - so you get 6 months of coaching included.

PLUS! Get Continuing Education Credits!

You’ll earn a total of 21 hours of CE credits with this program.

Tap into the Power of Visualization

Let’s face it…

Words can only do so much. It’s one thing to tell your patients about their new smile, and another entirely to SHOW them.

Imagine presenting your patient with a tangible, digital preview of their transformed smile — a test drive, if you will… 

The magic in their eyes, the fast beat of their heart, the instant surge in their confidence…

That’s the power of digital smile design.

And the best part? 

You don’t have to be left behind, dreaming of bringing these skills to your practice…

Instead of fighting to articulate a vision in your consultations, you can showcase it.

This Course Is Perfect For...

This Course Is NOT For...

After this program, you'll walk away with:

✅ Confidence in Every Procedure – Tackle even the most complex dental cases with newfound confidence and precision.

✅ Increased Case Acceptance – Because when patients can “test drive” their new smiles, they’re more likely to say yes. Use digital mockups to show them the possible, and watch your conversion rates soar.

✅ A Stronger Team –  A harmonized team approach to smile design means everyone plays to their strengths, resulting in efficient and exceptional patient care.

✅ Cutting-Edge Expertise – With the skills you’ll gain, you’ll be pioneering the forefront of cosmetic dentistry – and not trailing behind!

Boost Your Revenue With 3D Printing

With a digital mockup, your patients get to see, believe, and embrace their potential new smile, amplifying their trust in you. 

You foster stronger connections, and consultations become exciting opportunities rather than uncertain discussions.

By embracing the digital smile design, you’re going beyond offering a service, you’re gifting an experience. 

And in a world where patients are flooded with choices, offering a unique, transformative experience is the key to standing out above the rest.

That’s why we developed a comprehensive training program to teach you how to create 3D digital smile mockups. 

This program guides you through the process with a clear, step-by-step strategy from consultation to delivery of 3D printed restorations.

You’ll get HANDS-ON experience with advanced techniques and tools that allow you to offer a higher level of care in your practice.

With these advanced skills, you’ll become a pioneer in patient care and satisfaction, making your practice the top choice for clients with multiunit cases.

In our business, we added over $250,000 in annual revenue in just 90 days with this exact process. And we guarantee it’ll boost your revenue, too. We’re so confident in our process that if you haven’t made back 100% of your investment after 180 days, we will refund the difference.


Meet Dr. Timothy Anderson

Dr. Anderson founded Missouri River Dental as a startup private practice in Bismarck, ND. After receiving his Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry, he completed his general practice residency at Hennepin County Medical Center (Level 1 Trauma Center).

His practice and philosophy is grounded in the belief that technology helps dentists to work smarter, have more fun, and ignite their passion for their business, all while improving the patient experience and achieving better clinical outcomes. He leverages CEREC, CBCT, 3D printing, and CO2 laser technology to deliver comprehensive, quality oral health care that is patient-centered.

In addition to clinical dentistry, Dr. Anderson maintains a leadership role within the dental profession and lectures on various dental technology topics around the country. He is a Key Opinion Leader (KOL) for multiple companies in the areas of dental lasers and 3D Printing. He invests his time and knowledge to help other dental professionals nationally discover what digital technology can do for their practice.

Grow Your Business. Guaranteed.

We’re not just confident in our program—we’re committed to your success. We know that if you commit to the process, you’ll see your investment pay off. That’s why we offer you an unmatched guarantee: If after 180 days of applying our methods you haven’t earned back 100% of your investment, we’ll refund the difference. 

Do the work, follow the directions of the program, and watch your business thrive. That’s our promise to you. This means you can confidently invest in growing your business, knowing that we’re not just your educators, but your partners in success. We want to make this decision as risk-free as possible for you. 

If you haven’t made your investment back in 180 days, simply contact Meredith Jones at to receive your refund.

Grow your practice. 100% Guaranteed.

If you implement what you learn in this program and you haven’t made back 100% of your investment after 180 days, we will refund the difference.

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No! T-Bone (Dr. Tarun Agarwal) is known for his direct, no nonsense approach to dentistry and dental education.

You will learn more than enough to make you and your team happy. You will not be disappointed (unless you are looking for magic bullets to fix everything in a single day).

We will certainly share what 3D Dentists has to offer for training and coaching to help grow your practice, but by no means will you get a hard pitch for anything.

If you have heard Dr. Tarun Agarwal (T-Bone) speak, listened to his podcast, or seen him on social media – you know what he stands for when it comes to practicing dentistry and how important team members are.  More than likely it’s been some time since you have closed the office and done an entire team learning event. I promise you won’t regret this!

Let me be clear… You will get out of this program what you implement and hold accountable in your practice.

This program is designed to give you a baseline, fundamental overview of the ‘Case Acceptance Made Simple’.

If you desire more in depth coaching, we will be happy to talk about what we offer to help your practice.

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